Can You Add Enhanced Autopilot Later?

Can You Add Enhanced Autopilot Later?

It is no wonder that you, just like many other Tesla owners, are wondering whether you can add Enhanced Autopilot later. That is, buying the Enhanced Autopilot feature separately after already purchasing your Tesla vehicle.

In this article, I will be answering all the common questions around adding Enhanced Autopilot later, so that you know what’s possible, cost implications, and so on.

Can You Add Enhanced Autopilot Later?

Yes, you can add Enhanced Autopilot later. This means that you can purchase the Enhanced Autopilot offering as a service from Tesla after buying your Tesla vehicle.

Even if you were to add Enhanced Autopilot when purchasing your Tesla, it is billed separately anyway. This means that you would have to pay for it in addition to the base price of your Tesla vehicle. That’s why you would see a clause stating that the vehicle fee excludes software features, accessories, taxes, and fees.

However, consider the dynamics of adding Enhanced Autopilot:

  • Adding Enhanced Autopilot later – If you have a financing plan for purchasing your Tesla, Enhanced Autopilot would not be included in the financing plan if you add the feature later. This means that you would have to finance it fully yourself when adding it later.
  • Adding Enhanced Autopilot during Tesla purchase – If you add Enhanced Autopilot during Tesla purchase, the fee will be added to the total purchase fee, which means that it will also be added to sales tax. But if you add Enhanced Autopilot later, it is not subject to sales tax.

Another point I would like to make here is that Enhanced Autopilot should not be confused with Full Self Driving (FSD). Full Self Driving has been available for a long time whereas Enhanced Autopilot was removed at some point, and then reintroduced.

Also, FSD is a combination of features from Basic Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and a few other exclusive features.

Having said that, note the following:

  • Autopilot comes standard with all Teslas. This is Basic Autopilot.
  • However, if you took delivery of your Tesla without Autopilot, then you have the option to buy one of two packages: Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self Driving Capability

How Much Does it Cost to Add Enhanced Autopilot Later?

Adding Enhanced Autopilot costs $6,000 upfront for all Tesla models. It does not matter the Model or Model Year, or vehicle type. Enhanced Autopilot comes as a software feature and it is consistent across all Tesla models.

The great thing about Enahnaced Autopilot is that is has most of the features of Full Self Driving. In fact, the only feature that Enhanced Autopilot does not have for now, the Traffic and Stop Sign Control, is in Beta on FSD, anyway.

And, at half the price of FSD, it’s pretty much relatively great value for money.

Again, do not confuse this for Full Self Driving Capability pricing. If you want to go for FSD, the cost will depend on the current Autopilot feature you have.

  • If you have Basic Autopilot, it will cost you $199 per month to move to FSD
  • If you have Enhanced Capability, it will cost you $99 per month to move to FSD

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. Enhanced Autopilot is more than enough at a $6,000 upfront fee.

Is Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Worth It?

In truth, the answer to this is subjective. I think that it depends on the degree of self-driving capability that you want to enjoy on your electric vehicle, if at all.

Instead of telling you whether it is worth it or not, what I will do is to detail all the capabilities of Enhanced Autopilot, and then you can decide whether it’s a feature that is worth your investment based on your personal needs.

So, here you go.

  1. Auto Lane Change – This feature serves to move the Tesla vehicle to an adjacent lane on motorways, as long as you engage the indicator. You can do this when you want to overtake another vehicle, or you need to move to another lane for reasons like exiting your current route.
  2. Navigate On Autopilot – This feature is currently in Beta, meaning that it is still being evaluated by Tesla and Tesla users. With Navigate On Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot provides guidance to you to transit a motorway from on-ramp to off-ramp or vice versa, based on your navigation route.

It also changes lanes to prepare for motorway exits and minimizes driving time, again based on your navigation route

A key difference between Auto Lane Change and Navigate On Autopilot is that, while you experience Auto Lane Change by engaging the indicator, Navigate On Autopilot actively suggests the lane changes.

Note: Navigate On Autopilot availability depends on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased and the software version of the Tesla vehicle.

  1. Autopark – With a single touch, Autopark will help you park your Tesla vehicle in parallel or perpendicular parking. If parking is not your strong suit, or you can’t just be bothered at the time, then Autopark has you covered.


  • For Tesla vehicles manufactured from January 2023 and later, Autopark may be temporarily limited or inactive until a software update enables it fully.
  • Autopark must not be used when anything is attached to the tow hitch, because Autopark does not take such objects into consideration during parking.
  • All cameras and sensors must be clean and in good working condition for Autopark to work safely.
  1. Summon – Summon is engaged using the Tesla mobile app. It navigates your car expertly to get into or out of tight spaces. Essentially, it allows you to automatically park as well as retrieve your Tesla vehicle when you are standing outside the vehicle.

However, it is limited to 39 feet of forward and reverse movement in or out of parking space.


  • For Tesla vehicles manufactured from January 2023 and later, Autopark may be temporarily limited or inactive until a software update enables it fully.
  • Summons availability is dependent on market region, options purchased, software version, and vehicle configuration
  • As with Autopark, you need to make sure that all the sensors and cameras are clean and in good working condition in order for Summon to work properly
  1. Smart Summon – Smart Summon takes the Summon feature described above, several levels up. It automatically moves your vehicle to your location by using your phone’s GPS to find you. You can also make your Tesla move to an alternate location of your choice, with expert navigation around obstacles.

Smart Summon works up to 213 feet from the location of your phone, using the Tesla mobile app.


  • All of the conditions that apply to Summon also apply to Smart Summon
  • Smart Summon needs good cellular signal and GPS data to work
  • You must also have the latest/up-to-date Tesla app version installed on your phone
  • Your phone must be connected to the Tesla vehicle and be within the Smart Summon range of 213 feet.
  • Your Tesla’s cameras must be fully calibrated
  • The vehicle must be in Park, with all doors and the trunk closed, and must not be charging.
  • Additionally, Smart Summon is in Beta. This means that it is still being tested by Tesla and Tesla users. As such, you must closely monitor your vehicle at all times while using Smart Summon, and be ready to take any actions necessary should the need arise.
  • Smart Summon may not stop for, or navigate around very low and very high objects such as curbs and shelves, respectively.
  • Also, it does not react to all traffic, and does not recognize the direction of traffic. Furthermore, it does not navigate around empty parking lots, and may not anticipate crossing traffic.

Your Tesla comes with Basic Autopilot which comprises of Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer. Many Tesla users find this to be enough.

However, if you are big on self-driving, then the extra features offered by Enhanced Autopilot may be worth a try.

The reason I have provided the detailed features and conditions of Enhanced Autopilot is so you have enough information to decide

  1. Whether the benefits outweigh any of the associated bottlenecks
  2. Whether the features are worth parting with $6,000

Is Tesla Enhanced Autopilot Discontinued?

No, Tesla Enhanced Autopilot is not discontinued. It was initially discontinued back in 2019, with all the features transferred to FSD instead. But, in Mid 2022, Tesla reintroduced Enhance Autopilot, subject to conditions such as market region, options purchased, vehicle configuration, and software version.

As at the time of writing this article, FSD, Enhanced Autopilot, and Basic Autopilot are available to Tesla vehicle owners, and none of them is discontinued.

Do All New Teslas Have Enhanced Autopilot?

No Tesla vehicle comes preconfigured with Enhanced Autopilot. It is an additional feature that you have to purchase either at the time of buying your Tesla vehicle, or at a later date.

Also, all features of Enhanced Autopilot are dependent on market region, options purchased, vehicle configuration, and software version. This means that you have to first check with Tesla to know if Enhanced Autopilot is available to you, and what you need to do in order to get it, before paying for it.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced writer and marketer with who currently writes for Teslord as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf and Techzillo. At Teslords, he focuses on general Tesla advice with his interest being accessories and gadgets. Read our Editorial Guidelines and Fact Checking process.


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