Can You Put Roof Rack on Tesla Model X?

Can You Put Roof Rack on Tesla Model X?

As the owner of a Tesla Model X, you may be wondering if it’s possible to put a roof rack on your car. You may also have heard the conventional wisdom that this is not possible because of the Falcon doors of the Tesla Model X.

While it is true that the Falcon doors of the vehicle make it difficult to use a roof rack like you would in other Tesla models, does it mean that this can’t be achieved at all? Read on to find out all you need to know about putting roof racks on your Tesla Model X.

Can You Put Roof Rack on Tesla Model X?

Yes, you can put a roof rack on a Tesla Model X. It is true that a Tesla Model X has Falcon winged doors, but this does not mean that you can’t add some weight on the roof for your next road trip.

For putting a roof rack on a Tesla Model X, avid road travellers use one of two options:

  • They could either use a normal roof rack as with any other Tesla model and commit to unpacking the roof every time they need to open the doors. Or
  • They decide to go for specialised Tesla Model X roof racks with a little bit of DIY to enjoy the road trip without hassle.

The option you choose is entirely up to you, the purpose of this article is to let you know that owning a Tesla Model X does not condemn you to the very limited cargo space in the interior of the vehicle.

How Much Weight Can You Put on the Roof Rack?

The amount of weight you can put on your Tesla Model X roof rack is entirely up to you as long as you do not exceed the recommended weight for your vehicle. The amount of weight you can put depends largely on the roof rack method you use, that is, whether you decide to use a normal roof rack and remove the rack every time you want to open the doors, or you decide to go for a specialised Tesla Model X roof rack with some DIY.

If you will be using a specialized Tesla Model X roof rack like the Tree Frog, then you can put as much as 60 kilograms on the roof rack. However, you need to also put into consideration the weight of the roof rack itself and all the accessories that you will be adding to the entire setup depending on your carriage requirements.

The other consideration you need to make is to ensure that you do not add so much weight that will significantly decrease the efficiency of your Tesla Model X and cause the vehicle to expend too much energy. But then again, if your route takes you conveniently through supercharging stations, then this is a compromise you may not mind making.

Having said that, you can find guidance on the recommended cargo limits for your Tesla Model X on this Tesla web page.

How Much Does a Tesla Model X Roof Rack Weigh?

A Tesla Model X roof rack like the Tree Frog weighs 5.06 kilogrammes. This roof rack can carry up to 60 kilogrammes of weight. Another popular roof rack for Tesla Model X, the Seasucker roof bars, Weighs 2.4 kilogrammes.

Apart from these two, I struggle to find any other roof rack that is suited to the Tesla Model X Falcon winged doors.

Does Tesla Model X Have Glass Roof?

Yes, absolutely. The Tesla Model X has a panoramic glass roof just like other models.

As a Tesla Model X owner, you may worry about putting weights on the glass roof. However, the tesla model X roof is incredibly strong and can withstand a force as strong as the impact of a falling tree trunk.

So, if you’re worried about getting a roof rack for your model X because of its glass roof, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about: as long as you stay within the recommended weight limit.

Best Model X Roof Rack

The best Tesla model X roof racks are the Tree frog and the Seasucker roof racks. Many other manufacturers claim to have Roof racks for the model X but these products turn out to be more suited as rear hitches rather than roof racks.

1. Tree Frog Roof Bars For Model X

The Tree Frog multiple crossbar is excellent for the Model X because it takes up very little space, so you can place it in one comfortable corner of the Model X roof. It would then serve as sturdy foundation for a few other cargo accessories such as a roof box, which I will be speaking more on, in a bit.

It’s also perfect for electric vehicles like the Model X because the blade structure makes for better aerodynamics and improved energy efficiency than standard roof racks

The arms and mounts follow the curve of the Model X roof, so that it’s secure and safe.

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  • Super-fast and easy installation and uninstallation so you don’t have to leave it as a permanent fixture
  • Excellent aerodynamics and fuel saving
  • Reduced air noise even with weights attached
  • Small and sleek design to suit the limited space on a Model X roof


  • Requires extra accessories and some DIY to carry larger cargo

2. Seasucker Roof Bars

What I love about Seasucker is the sheer variety of suitable roof racks you can choose from, for your Model X. There are the monkey racks, mini bomber bars, classic ski racks, board racks, and lots more.

All of these are compatible with the Model X roof. But, if you want to put some serious weight on it, I recommend the Monkey Bars or Classic Ski Racks.

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  • Varieties to choose from
  • The monkey crossbar, for example, is adequate for carrying equipment for kayaking, skiing, surfing and paddle boarding, biking, or hauling cargo
  • Probably not as sleek as the Tree frog crossbar but equally fuel efficient


  • Also requires accessories and some DIY to carry larger cargo

Setting Up Roof Rack On Tesla Model X

With the roof racks and bars listed above, you can easily carry standard equipment such as bikes, ski, and so on.

But if you want so to use your Model X roof to carry other cargo, especially for a road trip, then you will be needing some extra equipment and a little handyman work. I will tell you what you will need.

  1. Tree Frog Multiple Crossbar
  2. Thule Roof Box

Once you have both, the setup is very easy. The Tree Frog crossbar has suction cups that enable easy attachment to the Model X roof. Then, simply use the harness on the roof box to place it across the bars.

The Tree Frog crossbar suction is very reliable, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off. However, as I mentioned earlier, you need to take into consideration the weight of the roof box and the cargo you are placing inside it, and ensure that you aren’t hitting a weight that can be dangerous.

The crossbar is long, so you will need to cut it in half so that it frees up both sides of the falcon doors when they open.

It would also be a great idea to replace the connecting screws between the suction cups and the crossbar. This will make one side of the rear to be longer, making a pseudo flat surface on the Model X roof’s curved surface.

Oh, and another thing. As you already know, the Model X is not designed to carry a roof rack. It will detect this roof rack that you have placed, and automatically block the doors or only open them halfway. You would, annoyingly, have to do a manual override by holding the door button to get it to open fully.

This setup can also be done with any of the Seacucker equipment that fits your cargo needs. All you need is the right accessories and a little imagination, and there’s no stopping you from enjoying a roof rack like everyone else on your Model X!

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