Tesla Air Filter Replacement Cost 

Tesla Air Filter Replacement Cost 

No matter what model of Tesla you own the Air Filter will need to be replaced after some time, this is something that should be regularly checked. When you have a new Air Filter it will help improve the overall function of your Tesla.

In this guide, I will be going over the cost of replacing the Air Filter on your Tesla. I will also be going over ways to see if and when your Teslas Air Filter needs to be replaced.

Read below to see how much changing the Air Filter on your Tesla will cost you and if there are any cheaper options you can try.

Note, information is limited on exact prices for Tesla Air Filters replacement.

How Much is a Tesla Air Filters Replacement?

Depending on the Model of Tesla you own the price of getting your Air Filter replaced can vary. Location is important too, if you live in an area where Tesla companies are common you can get a repair fairly easily.

However, if you live in an area where Teslas are not common, finding a shop that knows how to work on Tesla Models can be difficult and pricey.

The price of getting your Air Filter replaced can range from anywhere between $60 and $200, while other drivers say they got their Air Filter replaced for around $30.

In California, Repair Smith is quoting Air FIlter replacements at different prices depending on the year and model. Below you will find a list of estimated quotes by Repair Smith in the California area. Note, with that said prices may vary by location.

Model Average Cost of Parts (USD) Average Cost of Labor (USD)
Model 3 $20 – $50 $50 – $100
Model Y $20 – $50 $50 – $100
Model X $30 – $60 $60 – $120
Model S $30 – $60 $60 – $120

The Cybertruck and Roadster Models are not yet available for public use. I will provide cost updates as soon as they are.

How Often Does A Tesla Need An Air Filter Replacement

Tesla recommends that you get your Air Filters replaced every 2 to 3 years, depending on the Model of Tesla you own. Also, depending on where you live and how clean the air is can determine the quality of your Air Filters, causing you to have to replace it sooner.

In China, they recommend in some areas with poor quality of air to replace the Air Filters every year. This can be said in some areas in the United States as well, if you live in a city with a lot of air pollution this can cause your air filters to get dirty faster.

Even if you live in the rural areas and you constantly drive down a dirt road, this too can cause the Air Filters to accumulate more dirt.

Checking the quality of your Teslas Air Filters should be a regular maintenance check you do at least once a year.

Depending on how much you are driving your Tesla can also determine when you need to get your Air Filters replaced.

How to Know If Tesla Needs An Air Filter Replacement

There are a few ways you can tell when your Tesla needs an Air FIlter replacement, the best way to tell is by looking at it.

If the color of your Air Filter is no longer white and has a lot of dust and dirt accumulated on it, giving the filter a dark brown color this is a good sign that you need to replace your Air Filter.

If you are experiencing some performance issues, it could be because of clogged Air Filters. When you have an Air Filter that is covered in dirt, dust, and other debris this can cause the airflow of your Tesla to be clogged, which may cause performance issues.

Take your Tesla to the nearest Tesla Service Station or a mechanic that knows how to work on Teslas and see if you need to have your Air Filters replaced.

If you are comfortable with doing the maintenance on your Tesla yourself, you can check and replace the Air Filters. Finding an Air Filter online for the Tesla is easy.

With that being said, doing the maintenance can become tricky if you do not have the right tools and know exactly what you are doing.

If your Air Filter is damaged in any way, or covered in dust and dirt, then it is time to get your Tesla Air Filters replaced.

Are Tesla Filters Hard to Replace?

Yes, working on a Tesla is not like working on most vehicles. If you do not have any experience in working on a Tesla and do not have the right tools, replacing the filters on your Tesla can be difficult.

The best option is when you are needing to replace your Air Filters in your Tesla is to take it to a professional. This can cost more money but you will have it done by a professional and the peace of mind that it was done right.

With that being said replacing your Air Filters on your own can be done. If you are confident in doing your Tesla Air FIlter replacement you can do it yourself.

There are YouTube videos that you can follow, and you can purchase the tools you need along with the Air Filter online. Take your time and follow each step, make sure that everything you purchase matches the model of Tesla you own.

Keep in mind that if you do not replace the Air Filter correctly this may cause more issues which will cost more money overall. Always make sure you know what you are doing before you attempt to do maintenance on your Tesla yourself.

How to Get the Air Filter Replacement For As Cheap As Possible

If you are looking for the cheapest option to get your Air Filters replaced on your Tesla then doing it yourself can be the cheapest option. With Teslas Air Filters being under $20 depending on the Model of Tesla you own this can be the cheapest way to go.

If you know how to work on your Tesla and already own the tools you need to replace your Air Filters, doing it yourself is the cheapest option.

With that being said unless you know how to work on a Tesla and are one hundred percent sure you can do it yourself you should get your Air Filters replaced by a professional.

When doing the Air Filter replacement yourself issues can occur, if issues occur this can cause damage to your Tesla which can cost more money.

Taking the safe route and taking your Tesla to a service station or a mechanic shop that knows how to work on Teslas may cost a bit more than doing it yourself but giving you the peace of mind that it was done right.

Try calling around and see what shops around your area do the Air Filters the cheapest, every shop’s prices can vary. Remember that the price of your Air Filter replacement can vary due to the make, model, and year of your Tesla.

My Final Thoughts on Telsa Air Filter Replacements

In conclusion, with the limited information out there about Tesla Air Filter replacement, there was no exact pricing on how much a replacement is going to cost you.

As stated above the cost of an Air Filter replacement depends on a few things. Where you live can determine the price of your Air Filter replacement, and the amount of mechanic shops that know how to work on Teslas.

The make, model, and year can also determine how much you are going to spend on replacing the Air Filters on your Tesla.

If you know how to work on a Tesla and have the correct tools you can purchase the Air Filter online and do the replacement yourself.

This can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing, there are YouTube videos you can watch on changing your Air Filter.

Note, if you do change the Air Filter incorrectly on your Tesla this can cause some future issues that might cost you more money overall.

The best option is to call around and see what shops know how to replace the Teslas Air FIlters and see which one is the cheapest and will not break the wallet.

In some cities they do have Tesla mechanics that can come to your home and do the maintenance there, saving you from having to go to the shop and leaving your Tesla there.

Remember to regularly check the quality of your Air Filters, if there is any damage or covered in dirt and dust it is time to replace it.

Depending on where you live you will have to replace your Air Filters on your Tesla every 2 to 3 years.

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