Tesla Camera Condensation? [100% Solved]

Tesla Camera Condensation

Have you found yourself in this situation where an alert comes up ont the Tesla touchscreen reading, “Blind Spot Detection Limited. Camera Visibility Reduced”

The reason it occurs is because one of the b-pillar forward-looking cameras has condensation on the inside of the glass that covers it.

If this alert pops up on your Tesla monitor pull over and got out to and take a look at your pillar camera. You will discover that one or both cameras are fogged up.

This condensation on the Tesla Pillar camera could be caused by several reasons.

Why is There Condensation on My Tesla Pillar Camera?

1. A common occurrence on cold mornings

Have you noticed on a particularly cold cloudy morning when you are making a left turn that you will get an error message reading, “ Left door pillar camera blocked or blinded. Clean camera or wait for it to regain visibility”

Fix – Pull over and clean it with a lint free wiping cloth or your sleeve and the error will disappear.

As you continue driving you get another message regarding the right side. It reads. “Right door pillar camera blocked or blinded. Clean camera or wait for it to regain visibility.”

Fix – Pull over and clean it with a lint free wiping cloth or your sleeve and the error will disappear.

Do a visual inspection to check for any misting, condensation or water droplets inside the pillar camera which could be blocking the view of the camera lens

Don’t worry. This is a common error message on chilly mornings.

Fix – Keep pulling over and cleaning camera

You can also wait for the sun to come out, the misting will disappear and the error messages pertaining to your pillar cameras will disappear as your car warms up.

2. The moisture proof materials sealing the cameras are not working

There are moisture proof materials which protect the B Pillar camera from moisture entry. You need to resolve the issue because it’s very important because the pillar cameras assure driver safety, circumvent accidents, and increase driving performance by helping the driver with blind spot monitoring and lane assist.

Lane assist is a safety feature that helps keep your car securely in its lane on the motorway.

It is supposed to stop accidents caused when your car veers out of lane – maybe due to a break in your concentration or sleepiness – by cautioning you of your imminent fate.

Fix – Reach out and call or make a service request to Tesla.

Service, may tell you the B-pillar cameras should never get condensation on the inside because they are sealed with moisture-proof materials.

The mobile service may also advise you that condensation on the interior surface of the pillar camera cover glass is not normal when it triggers alerts for blind spot monitoring and lane keeping features.

Fix – They replaced both b-pillar cameras and covers under warranty today. They also mentioned that Tesla engineers are looking for a long-term solution as the issue has started to come up on a lot of cars.

2. Your camera is dirty

If your camera has both condensation and is filthy. You may want clean the cameras first to ensure a clear picture. The camera lens needs to be clean and free of obstructions to be able to show the images clearly.

Fix – Eliminate any deposit of dirt or debris by spraying water onto the camera lens with a spray bottle.

Do not try to remove dirt or debris by cleaning an exposed lens with your hands or a cloth.

This debris can damage the surface of the lens when rubbed against it during wiping.

Do not apply chemical-based or abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the surface of the lens.

Do not clean an ultrasonic sensor (if equipped) or camera lens with a pointy or coarse object that can scratch or dent its surface.

Fix – Although condensation inside the camera enclosures cannot be wiped clean, you can usually clear it faster by following these steps:

  1. Pre-condition the cabin with the temperature regulated to High and Air Conditioner turned ON.
  2. Turn on the front windshield defroster. This targets the air vents toward the door pillar cameras.
  3. Issues with the GORE® Vent

On some Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles, condensation might accumulate in the interior of the B-pillar applique, possibly obscuring the B-pillar camera.

This condition might cause some Autopilot features to be temporarily unavailable until the condensation goes away, such as Auto Lane Change, Blind Spot Detection, and Lane Departure.

The Lane Departure Warning is a security system, that aids the driver in remaining cognizant and understanding the position of the car on the road.

Lane Departure Warning can also assist the driver to weigh the traffic situation and take action actively, thereby limiting the risk of an accident.

Fix – Check whether the GORE® automotive vent/ “breather hole” is perforated. This is a round blue breathable patch that is designed to keep moisture out.

It is designed by the same people who manufacture waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex clothing line.

It is not advisable to plug this hole. The wiser course of action is to discover the source of condensation and fix it.

In short it is better to remove the moisture in the first place to give the GORE® automotive vent a better chance of preventing condensation in the future.

The GORE® automotive vent found on Tesla Model 3, S and X B-Pillar cameras to reduce condensation prior to 2019 but has since been discontinued.

If your Tesla models is from the years pre 2019 you can do the following

Fix – Inspect both B-pillar applique camera cavities for condensation.

If condensation is present in either B-pillar applique, remove and discard the gore patches from both B-pillar appliques to improve the airflow and reduce condensation.

Fix – Tesla now relies on the ventilation system and cabin heating to clear any misting that happens with any of those side cameras.

3. Poor design of the seal between the glass applique and top enclosure of pillar camera

The B pillar camera anti misting system was poorly designed. The seal was not properly constructed. The space where the glass applique and top part of the pillar camera unit was not properly fastened and tends to let in air and water drops.

Fix – Turn your air conditioner on and/or heating up to clear any misting on side cameras by directing the heat and air to the side windows.

Fix – Talk to a Tesla technician. He will admit that the condensation is a common occurrence in Pillar camera will likely recur.

Fix – Replacing the GORE® automotive vent/ “breather hole” cover is a temporary solution until a better design is in place.

Fix – Tesla engineering team is actively working on a redesign that would provide a better seal between the top portion of the camera enclosure and the glass applique. The parts that were replaced are 1109253-90-F and 109255-90-F. The parts catalog already shows what seem to be later revisions for both: 1109253-00-G and 1109255-00-G.

4. Your car is wet and has not dried out

Try and recollect. Did you do any power-washing, high-pressure automatic car washes or hand-washing my car.

Fix – Check whether the timing of the condensation in the pillar camera issue is consistent with you washing your camera. If it is, wait for car to dry out and see if the condensation persists.

If it still reappears after car is dry, consider the other fixes here.

5. Wet weather

Passengers will create humidity, and the warm air in the interior of car can retain a lot of moisture. The glass (and the air around the camera) gets cool in the winter, and so this accumulation of moisture inside the car condenses.

If you are living in or constantly driving to wet climates such as Alaska, Hawaii, New Orleans or BC in Canada you will find that your B Pillar cameras are constantly obstructed or blinded because of the condensation or water behind the glass.

The drivers side seems to be the worst of the two and it might look like built up residue. The passenger side may fog up but after few days in the garage it will clear. Your car will also disable auto pilot functionality

Fix – Make a service appointment. Tesla will send a mobile ranger

If the mobile ranger does not fix came it and classify it as a normal occurrence find a way to escalate the issue and speak to a higher up at Tesla.

Fix – Try a DIY approach

6. Sun glare error

You may not be experiencing cold or wet weather but you have a bright sun.

If the sun is facing directly into the camera, it will 100% throw an error. “Right door pillar camera blocked or left door pillar blocked. Clean camera or wait to regain visibility.”

You might notice the autopilot has not disengaged and become unavailable. Would be interested for a fix too if it’s an easy one.

Fix – There’s a well-known service bulletin for this. Tesla can remedy this via mobile technician in 10 minutes on both of your B pillars if you are still under warranty.

It involves removing a foamy gasket in that camera housing to allow better air circulation thus minimizing potential for condensation.
Tesla will take care of it.

7. Software update error

Have you experienced any problems with condensation within the cameras? As you drive out and cruise keeps cutting off stating that there was an obstruction. Has your left pillar camera is “blocked or blinded” but only driving south in the morning and north in the afternoon.

Fix – Call Tesla service center if message persists

Looking at the front do you notice a large amount of condensation on the screen in front of the cameras and in the camera

If there was no problem with cameras until a recent software update then set up service appointment.

Service may respond by informing you that your camera is being blinded by the sun. Their solution is to schedule when the sun is low, or wait for a cloudy day.

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