Gemini vs Induction Wheels (Tesla Model Y)

Gemini vs Induction Wheels (Tesla Model Y)

Tesla’s wheel options include the Gemini, Induction, and Performance wheels. The Gemini and Induction are grouped as long-range wheel options, and are more popular among users because of their relative affordability. Here’s why:

  • The Long Range option provides a lot longer range than the Performance option. For the Long Range, a single charge takes you 330 miles. You also get 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration in 5 seconds.
  • For performance wheels, a single charge gets you 303 miles, but you can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds.
  • While the performance wheels offer better acceleration and, perhaps, aesthetics, the long range wheels offer better range, durability, and stability.
  • And there’s the small issue of cost. On a Model Y, for example, the performance wheel options costs $8000 more than the long range option.

The long range option variations are 19” Gemini and 20” Induction.

And, that’s why the debate or enquiry is almost always about which of 19” Gemini and 20” Induction, is better.

It is true that the choice of which is better of the two is eventually a matter of personal preference, but in this article, I will be making a practical comparison of their features to help guide your choice.

Overview of Both Wheels Before I Analyze Them Head to Head

1. Gemini Wheels Overview

Contrary to popular belief, the Gemini wheels are not only available to the Tesla Model Y. They were also launched for the Model 3 in 2019, howbeit exclusively as part of a Winter Tire package.

As the name suggests, the 19” Gemini has a 19” diameter, the smallest of all Tesla wheel options (20” Induction and 21” performance).

This wheel option comes with plastic wheel covers intended to improve aerodynamic performance and range. However, these plastic covers can be removed if you don’t like the look of them. I have found that users who prefer a more chic look remove the snap-on plastic covers to reveal the more aesthetic silver wheels. And you only get to sacrifice 5% range for doing this.

2. Induction Wheels Overview

Again, as the name implies, the 20” Induction wheels have a 20” diameter. And they cost about $2000 more than the 19” Gemini.

Induction wheels have shorter tires to accommodate the large wheels. This invariably makes for a sportier ride experience than the 19” Gemini. They also look sportier because they do not come with a plastic cover, so it seems that Tesla has tried to make the Induction wheels a middle ground between the Gemini and Performance wheels.

Before we get into the head to head, if you’re wondering if either tires are flat run, you can read up on this article I’ve done.

Gemini vs Induction Wheels

Now, the big debate is, which of the 19” Gemini and 20” Induction is better? Well, like I said earlier, “better” is relative, but here’s a chart making a side-by-side comparison between the two long range wheel options from Tesla.

Features 19” Gemini 20” Induction
Appearance The silver wheels are covered with plastic. The plastic cover can be removed and stored away for long distance trips.

The wheels appear more like fan blades and have less divisions.

For dimensions, the 19” Gemini has about 28.04 mm outer diameter, 255mm tread width, 4.5 inches on the sidewall.

Wheels are not covered with plastic. They come looking sporty.

However, there is a small plastic cover at the center of each wheel

Wheel blades appear more straight and have more divisions

The 20” Induction dimensions are 28.03 mm outer diameter, 255 mm tread width, and 4.02 inches on the sidewall.

Comfort and Ride Experience 19” Gemini wheels have bigger tires and make for a sleeker and more comfortable ride experience.

Their plastic covers also improve aerodynamics and so provide power savings: you have about 2 to 5 percent increase in driving range.

You can remove the plastic cover if you want a sleeker wheel look. But I recommend that you screw it back on when going on a long trip to enjoy power savings

20” Induction wheels have shorter tires and make for a stiffer ride experience.

They are better suited for tricky terrains like wet and snow-covered roads.

There is no plastic wheel cover so there is less aerodynamic efficiency.

Reselling 19” Gemini wheels are fairly easy to resell because they are quite popular among Tesla owners.

You may want to sell them if you purchase aftermarket wheels for your Tesla. You just need to make sure that your new wheels are the same size as the 19” or you would have to buy new tires that fit the new wheels.

People often buy them when theirs is broken or when they want to go for the more efficient option

20” Induction wheels are also easy to sell.

The Gemini and Induction wheels are more common than the 21” performance wheel. So reselling an Induction wheel is not hard.

Again, if you are looking to replace your 20” Induction wheels, make sure to buy fitting wheels or you would also need to change your tires.

Efficiency 19” Gemini wheels have a marginally longer range per charge. But this only holds true if you retain the plastic wheel covers. The plastic covers make for better efficiency of about 5%.

Generally speaking, the 19” Gemini will give you about 330 miles on a single charge.

If the plastic covers on the 19” Gemini are removed, as many users do, then there is no difference in efficiency, from the 20” Induction.

The only other significant difference would be in the ride experience due to the different tire heights.

Generally speaking, the 20” Induction will give you a slightly-lower 320 miles average on a single charge

Who Are Tesla Induction Wheels Best Suited For?

From my explanations above, it’s easy to see that Tesla Induction wheels are best suited for people who like the sportier look and experience. The shorter tires make for a lower center of gravity, and so make for a stiffer experience. They are also better-suited for tricky terrains. They are closer to the 21” Performance wheels in terms of suitability for racing.

Also, if you generally don’t travel long distances, then the Induction wheels are a good option. They do not offer the power savings or efficiency of the plastic-covered 19” Gemini, so they are best suited for shorter strips.

Who Are Tesla Gemini Wheels Best Suited For?

In my experience, the 19” Gemini are best suited for:

  • Users who lay more importance on efficiency
  • Users looking to save on costs (you save $2000 when compared to 20” Induction wheels)
  • Users who do not care for sporty looks
  • Users who want the best of both worlds. As i mentioned earlier, you can remove the plastic covers to reveal the sportier silver wheels of the 19” Gemini. And you can reinstall the plastic covers for longer trips, in order to enjoy power saving.

Other than these, any other factors are mostly personal rather than practical.

Note: There is a common misconception that all Tesla Model Y come with 19” Gemini wheels, but this is not true. When you are ordering your Tesla, the 19” Gemini is preselected. However, you can change this selection to your preferred wheel or powertrain configuration.

Accessories For 19” and 20” Wheels

If you have the 19”, 20″, or even 18″ wheels and are interested in wheel covers to customize your Tesla to your liking, you can pick up some from Amazon (4 PCS for 19″, 4 PCS for 20″ wheels). Note: on this page, you’re able to customize the style you prefer to one that’d suit your preferences.

The bottom line:

Power efficiency, road suitability, ride experience, cost, and appearance account for the main differences between the Tesla Gemini and Induction wheels. With the detailed comparisons made in this article, you can easily make a decision on what’s best for you based on your personal requirements.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced writer and marketer with who currently writes for Teslord as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf and Techzillo. At Teslords, he focuses on general Tesla advice with his interest being accessories and gadgets. Read our Editorial Guidelines and Fact Checking process.


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