Tesla Mobile Connector Out of Stock? Do This

Tesla Mobile Connector Out of Stock

The Tesla Mobile Connector is currently available at the Tesla shop and retails for $230. The mobile connector helps you stay charged on lengthy trips or when you need it most.

The price of the universal mobile connector was $200 but after going out of stock the price shot up to $230 and it has never come back down again.

A Tesla mobile connector comes bundled up with a

  1. 1x Mobile Connector – 20’ cable
  2. 1x NEMA 5-15 Adapter
  3. 1x NEMA 14-50 Adapter
  4. 1x storage bag
  5. Mobile Connector Manual
  6. Corded mobile connector is rarely in stock.

The corded mobile connector which is different from the mobile connector is out of stock. When you try to access it from the Tesla shop it will give a 404 error.

The Corded Mobile Connector includes a NEMA 14-50 plug and improved charging speeds in comparison to the Mobile Connector with NEMA 5-15 Adapter. It has

  1. 1x NEMA 14-50 adapter
  2. Corded Mobile Connector – 20′ cable.

Use the Corded Mobile Connector as a substitute for charging at home and work.

This charger is appropriate for three-phase charging through a higher power red socket. It can attain a maximum charge rate of 11 kW. 65 km per hour range for a Tesla Model 3.

How Long Has the Mobile Connector Been Out of Stock?

It is difficult to gauge how long corded Mobile Connector has been out of stock and when it will be back in Stock.

Note that there is no option to order the CORDED mobile connector on Tesla website when you log in with your account details. There is only a notify me option.

However, you will receive the discount coupon shortly after you take delivery.

You may receive your promo code a week before delivery,but the corded mobile connector will arrive in about 10 days after you took delivery so you have to use Superchargers.

Only Tesla can give a concrete timeline. For now, it is a waiting game and a lot of communication between the Tesla support and the Tesla owner who has made the order for the corded mobile connector.

Though the Tesla website shows unavailable when you place your order go ahead and still make that order. You will receive your corded mobile connector in a few weeks or months as well as a coupon.

It is risky and requires patience when you make an order for the chargers but Tesla always delivers though not on time.

The 40-amp corded UMC is the UNICORN of all the Tesla electric vehicle supply equipment or “EV charging station” or “charging point.

At 40 amps for $200K is a steal, but you have to be patient as tesla restocks and quick to order it when it’s in stock or out stock.

Why is Tesla Mobile Connector Out of Stock?

1. Tesla connector is out of stock due to low supply.

Are you one of the many Tesla consumers who is wondering whether your Mobile Connector will be in the car if you ordered it at the same time as the same time you ordered a new Tesla?

Did you order this mobile connector at the same time as you ordered the car by checking the box at the bottom of the form in the ‘Charging’ area.?

Charges for the connector for are $200 and a Model 3 Reservation $250 respectively, which totals up to $450.There is a tax charge of $12.50 on the connector. Sum Total for mobile connector is now $462.50.

You have already paid these charges and you are expecting that Tesla would have shipped your mobile connector by now, especially since it is actually in-stock in the Tesla store currently. Tesla has not done this.

Usually, the Mobile Connector OR the HPWC is shipped to you and has nothing to do with the delivery. This way you can have it ready to go at your home before the car arrives.

You then wonder if Tesla has not shipped the connector separately, will they just have it in the car when you take delivery of your new electric vehicle?

There is a simple answer for this question. If you ordered a Tesla for instance a model 3 and a Mobile Connector in June, Tesla will indicate that the time delivery on the mobile connector in about two months and you should expect it to arrive separately from the car.

However, because of short supply of connectors you might end up getting vouchers to order separately rather than have actual device in the car.


Wait for supplies to resume normal levels


Talk to Tesla support


Get access to a Wall Connector


Get access to an already existing Mobile connector


Tweet Elon on X

2. No definite timeline on mobile connector out of stock query

Tesla has been very quiet about mobile connectors availability. It is reluctant to give a definite response to mobile out of stock question.

Have you found yourself emailing their online orders email address to hoping to hear something back but are disappointed when they don’t respond or give any feedback on this issue? This has happened to several Tesla owners.

Other owners who ordered the mobile connector separately and had it shipped three days later and delivered two days later.

This shows a lot on consistency as some owners received their mobile connectors within the own week expected time and others did not.


Keep checking the Tesla product page for in stock connectors and keep in contact with Tesla sales advisors and support for clarification on timeline through app, email, texting etc.

3. Tesla products frequently go out of stock and come back in stock

Tesla products frequently go out of stock due to high demand volumes or manufacturer delays.

Another item which has been out of stock for a while is the NEMA 14-30 adapter.

Note that products such as adapters and connectors frequently go out due to high demand. They are FMCG and thus it takes time to restock them.


Keep checking for update on the Tesla store. Once the mobile connector is available order it separately right away.

It is advisable that you buy a mobile connector as a separate order off the Tesla shop. It comes to the same price in the end and you get free shipping which should get it to you faster.

4. Waiting list

There is a huge backlog of mobile connector orders because of the mobile connector being out stock so frequently. Tesla will take time to fill all these orders that have already been placed for items


Make sure you have ordered your mobile connector separately and wait patiently for it to arrive.


Keep tracking your mobile connector. Has it been placed in order list, shipping list or delivery list?

Your mobile connector and car shipment and delivery have to align

If you have ordered a Tesla and the mobile connector simultaneously, you will have to wait for several months (two to four months) until you get an email informing you of when your car is to be shipped and delivered.

So, Tesla maybe waiting until your car is closer to delivery before shipping out.

Remember that Tesla car orders are also in a waiting list.


Wait for your car and mobile connector to arrive at the same time. If the mobile charger is missing contact support for advice.

5. Sold out

Tesla Corded mobile connector keeping selling out when it comes back in stock and then it goes out stock.

The average restock time is unclear as Tesla does not communicate often on mobile connectors.

Tesla sales advisors actually try to discourage consumers from relying on the mobile connector and push them towards the HPWC and Superchargers .


Buy one on eBay with a markup


Hope and wait till the corded mobile connector availability improves in the Tesla online store.

In mid- July of 2022 the Corded mobile connector was available again in the Tesla shop after a hiatus of about two years. Many Tesla owners who wanted to charge using 14-50 had been waiting for this for a bit. The Tesla corded mobile charges up to 40A vs 32A for the Gen 2 mobile connector.

Many Tesla owners were surprised by the corded mobile connector coming back in stock. It is basically a Generation 1 Universal Mobile Connector with a permanent 14-50and they were caught unawares as they had been discontinued for years.

Though the Tesla orders page sends out stock notifications and for some Tesla users they were on, they complained that they had not received any alerts.

The Tesla corded mobile connector was in stock for all of a week before it sold out leaving many active and paid for orders unfulfilled.

Tesla does cancel the orders but the process is quite slow and the refund takes a long time before it is put into effect.

6. Mobile connector no longer included

In 2022 Tesla ceased bundling up its mobile connector with new car purchases and chose to instead sell its Gen 2 (Level 1) bundle separately for a lower $200 price.

Elon Musk said that usage statistics for the mobile connector were ‘super low’ and ‘so seemed wasteful.

He said that Tesla would in place of the mobile connector removal add more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit. This move by Tesla led to lower stocks of the mobile connector.


Elon Musk pushed consumers towards purchasing the HPWC and installing them before arrival of new car or finding the nearest Supercharger.

It is unclear if Tesla plans to bring back the mobile connector or it is discontinued, but it is not cost effective when compared to the wall connector since the hardware needed for a 14-50 solution is more expensive.

14-50 outlet is $80, GFCI breaker is $150+, corded connector is $200, plus about $35 for a cable management system which totals to$465

Wall connector is $425 plus a $15 breaker totals $440.The Wall Connector is definitely cheaper. Too bad you can’t move with it.

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