Tesla Roof Tint (The Full Guide)

Tesla Roof Tint

When thinking about purchasing a Tesla one question you might be asking yourself is if the roof on the Tesla comes tinted. Whatever the reason is for wanting a tinted roof and/or windows on your Tesla it is a good question to ask before you make your purchase.

In this guide, I will be going over all the Tesla tinted roof questions you may have. Read below to see if the Tesla Model 3 and Y roof is tinted. 

Is Tesla Model 3/Y Roof Tinted? 

Yes, however, keep in mind that it is a factory tint. The factory tint for the Tesla Model 3 and Y does give UV protection, however, the tint on the Tesla roof is only 20% VLT(Visible Light Transmission) which is pretty low which is why some people tend to get an aftermarket tint.

Some people stick with the factory tint while most decide to get an aftermarket tint put on their Teslas roof and windows. If you live in hotter climates such as Arizona, California, or anywhere in the southern hemisphere you want that extra protection from the sun.

Getting the aftermarket tint will not only protect you from the UV rays but also help keep the interior of your car cooler, which also conserves energy. If you live in an area where you do not have to worry about hot summers then the factory tint may be enough for you. 

Tesla Model 3/Y Roof Tint Percentage? 

The Tesla Model 3 and Y factory roof tint percentage is 20% VLT. Tesla does state that the factory roof tint does protect you from the UV rays.

When you live in places that can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.78 degrees Celsius) you may want that extra protection from the sun and heat. That is why most people who live in hotter areas tend to go for getting their roof tinted by a professional.

Remember you will want to go to a professional and get the correct aftermarket tint for your Tesla Model 3 and Y. Getting the wrong tint or even going to the wrong person can do more harm than good. 

Should You Tint the Roof of a Tesla? 

As stated above the factory tint that comes with the Tesla Model 3 and Y is low at only 20% and can be enough for those who do not live in areas that experience extreme heat in the summer months If you live in a area where you have severe hot weather during the summer months it may be wise for you to tint your Tesla’s roof.

Not only will the tint give you better UV protection but as previously stated it can also keep the interior of your Tesla cooler. When you have an aftermarket tint on your roof it will help conserve energy as well since your Tesla does not have to work so hard to keep the interior of the vehicle cool.

Keep in mind that you will want to get a tint that is meant to go on a Tesla or else it may not work as well or could cause damage to the glass. 

Can You Control the Tint on Tesla Roof? 

The factory tint on the Tesla roof comes pre-set at 20% VLT, however, you can purchase an aftermarket tint and decide on how much tint you want. So the answer is yes, you can control the tint on your Tesla roof but it will cost you.

Doing a tint on your roof is pricey and the prices all depend on where you live and who is doing the tint. Always make sure that you go to a professional who knows how to put a tint properly on your Tesla’s roof. Also, make sure that you get the right tint for your Tesla, or else it can do harm to the glass.

Another thing to consider before you decide on what tint you want to get is to see what is legally allowed in your area. Some cities and towns have restrictions on how much tint you can have on your vehicle. 

Is It Safe to Tint a Tesla? 

The answer is torn between yes and no because if you get the wrong tint or go to someone who does not know how to tint a Tesla it can do harm to your vehicle. If you find a shop that has the right tint that will not harm your Tesla and knows how to properly put the tint on then it is safe for you to tint your Tesla.

It is all about how the tint is put on and what kind of tint you use. It is recommended if you do decide to tint your Tesla is to use the Ceramic Window Tint. This blocks 90% of UV rays and unlike most tinting options it does not interfere with your Tesla GPS and other technology. Inside your Tesla.

Is it also great for privacy, and it is more durable than most tint options. Never attempt to put the tint on your Tesla yourself, do your research in your area for a profession specialized in tinting a Tesla. 

Does Tinting Tesla Roof Void Warranty? 

No, Tesla does not void the warranty if you tint your roof and/or windows as long as you get it done by a professional. This means that if you do the tint yourself or go to a friend that said could do a tint on your Tesla, then this could void your warranty.

That is because you did not go to a profession to get the work done, therefore willingly harming your Tesla. Going to a professional that knows how to do a tint on a Tesla should be the only way you get a tint on your Tesla.

This is because Tesla’s glass is not like normal car glass and requires specialty tint and a professional who knows what they are doing so that it will not harm your Teslas glass.

So keep in mind that when you get your Tesla tinted, keep the receipts so you can prove that you went to a professional in the case you need to use your warranty. And again do not do the tint yourself no matter how many YouTube videos you have watched. 

Does Tesla Roof Have UV Protection? 

Yes, the Tesla’s roof is unique and engineered to block harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle. The UV protectant is sandwiched between the double glass on the roof, this also helps the heat for fully getting into the interior. This does keep the drivers safe from the harmful UV rays and heat.

With that being said those who live in places with extreme hot weather during the summer months state that it is not enough. Some even stated that the heat can be felt through the roof, especially for people who are on the taller side.

That is why Tesla drivers decided to get the windows and roof tinted when living in hotter places, having that extra protection can make a huge difference in the interior temperature.

If you live in a place that does not feel like an oven, the factory Tesla tint should be perfect for you and there is no need to spend the extra cash.

Unless you want to tint your windows and/or roof for privacy reasons, you may not like the fact that people can see into the interior of the car. 

With all that being said, tinting the windows and roof on your Tesla is a personal preference and it all depends on where you live and the privacy you want out of your Tesla.

Since Tesla comes with a factory tint on the windows and roof there may not be a need to get a tint done on your Tesla.

As stated above if you live in a hot environment and experience extremely hot temperatures in the summer months tinting your windows should be something you look into. Having a tint on your roof and windows can give you extra protection from harmful UV rays. 

It can also keep the interior of your Tesla cooler in the hottest months and can help you conserve energy. Remember if you do decide to tint your Tesla windows and/or roof go to a professional and do not attempt to do the tint yourself.

If you go to a professional this can also make sure your warranty is still valid, if you do not go to a professional for your tint this can void your warranty. Also having a tint on your windows and/or roof can give you privacy from other drivers, giving you peace of mind that no one can see you while you are sitting in your Tesla.

Just make sure your tint is not only done by a professional and is the right tint for your Tesla, but that it is also legal in your area.  

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