Schedule Service to Replace Low Voltage Battery Tesla

Schedule Service to Replace Low Voltage Battery Tesla

With regular usage, your car battery may be due for replacement. Chances are that you will receive a report asking you to replace a low-voltage battery.

Note that the warning indicating ‘schedule service to replace low battery’ is one of the features of the Tesla vehicle. This one signals you to either service or replace the battery.

The warning is also time-bound; you only have a few weeks before encountering severe issues. The vehicle will gradually slow down and eventually halt unless you act quickly.

What Does Schedule Service to Replace Low Voltage Battery Mean Tesla?

The warning ‘schedule service to replace low voltage’ is relatively straightforward. This error warning prompts you to consider servicing or replacing your current Tesla battery. It is a feature in the Tesla car that is added to alert you when your car battery begins to develop issues.

Consider it a severe warning whenever this error report pops up. The last thing you want is for your Tesla to stop midway to your destination because you ignored the replacement directive. It is also unpleasant to move around in a slow vehicle because of ignoring such a warning.

Considering the 12V primary battery has a 48-month warranty, you should have no issue replacing or serving it. You can bet it won’t cost much.

Not to worry, though; on average, most Tesla batteries will give you approximately 21 to 35 years of service before giving up. This translates to 237 to 375 miles of coverage, a pretty long distance. The duration varies depending on several factors.

It matters how large the batter is, your driving habits, and the car’s model. Be sure not to charge the battery unnecessarily, as this affects its ability to hold charge. Each charging session should be entire to ensure the battery lasts longer before recharging.

This warning means that it is time to replace the primary 12V battery. This is the same battery that [owers the Tesla car’s computer system, lights, and all other electrical components.

Any indication of weakness should be addressed quickly as this signifies danger ahead and could cause complete groundedness. Note that there are several reasons why this warning report may come up. I’ll explore some of the most common reasons below and how to fix them.

Why is My Tesla Saying Schedule Service to Replace Low Battery?

Old Battery

As with every created or manufactured item, old age catches up, and the functionality or effectiveness diminishes. The same is true for Tesla batteries, which have a limited lifespan. The more you use this battery, the higher its chances of holding charge diminishes.

Fix – Replace the Battery

  1. The only choice with an old Tesla battery is to replace it. Get a new one from the Tesla service centre or a third-party shop. Be sure to buy a legit battery regardless of whether it is new or remanufactured.

Temperature Fluctuations

Note that while the Tesla batter undergoes natural degradation with use and age, this can happen much faster in extreme weather conditions. Very high and too-low temperatures harm the 12V battery. When the performance is affected negatively, it impacts the degradation process and speeds it up. You are likely to get the battery error report more often or much sooner if you live in areas with extreme temperatures.

Fix – Regulate temperatures and Store the Tesla in the Garage

  1. Try to have the Tesla stored or parked in areas with controlled temperatures. Minimise vehicle exposure to extreme heat or cold depending on the seasonal weather.

3. Parasitic Drain

Whenever the vehicle stays undriven for a long, it suffers from the parasitic drain. That can also happen if your car has electrical issues and you are unaware of it. Unfortunately, parasitic drain from the two reasons leads to low voltage and can even cause battery drainage.

Fix – Drive the Tesla Often and Check for Electrical Faults Often

  1. Take your Tesla vehicle to the service centre each time you suspect an electric fault with the vehicle. Assuming that the electric concern is a non-issue only leads to low voltage.
  2. Make sure you drive the car regularly. Avoid prolonged lack of use, as this also leads to charge depletion and will cause your battery to drain a lot faster than it normally would.
  3. Keep the car plugged in during long periods of inactivity and also when the temperatures are extremely cold.

4. Problematic Charging System

Teslas are electric vehicles, which means they thrive and survive on electric charge. This means that a deficit will translate to a battery replacement error whenever the charging system is faulty.

Chances are that you will not be able to charge the low battery on time. Consequently, it will drain off faster since it receives insufficient charge.

Fix – Repair the Charging System

  1. A broken charging system cannot work optimally. In some cases, it may not even charge the battery as required. You should consider visiting the Tesla service centre for the right diagnosis and fix.
  2. Refrain from attempting to repair the charging system of your Tesla on your own. Let the professionals with the right tool sets handle this for you. If you notice that the charge is insufficient even after charging for the required hours, then it may be time to visit the professionals.

How Much is a Battery Replacement?

Expect to pay anything from $20,000 to $30,000 for each Tesla battery replacement. Note that the battery replacement price varies depending on the model of the vehicle. For example, the battery replacement cost for different models in US dollars is as follows:

  • Model X costs 13k to 20k
  • Model S costs 13k to 20k
  • Model 3 standard range costs 15,800
  • Model 3 Long Range costs 7k to 11k
  • Model 3 performance costs 15,800
  • Model S plaid costs 32,500
  • Model X Plaid costs 7k to 11k
  • Model Y Long Range costs 10.500
  • Model Y Performance costs 19k to 12k

The cost will also depend on whether you get a new or remanufactured battery. New batteries will be a bit more pricey compared to remanufactured ones. A good example is when you get a new battery for $25k while a remanufactured one goes for $9k to $10k

You must also consider the labour cost when considering replacing the Tesla battery. On average, replacing the battery at the Tesla service centre costs approximately $175 to $200 per hour. If your car battery replacement is straightforward, then you may pay less. Unfortunately, you may have to part with a lot more money for complicated cases.

On average, most replacements take anywhere from 3 to 13 hours. While the labor cost may seem pricey, note that this high-voltage system must be handled carefully. This is why you should avoid changing the battery, even though you could.

The best estimate for a battery replacement for an uncomplicated battery replacement procedure paid out of pocket should be between $13k to $14k. This will cover the cost of purchasing the new battery at $12k to $13k, an average of $100 miscellaneous expenses and an average labor cost of $560 to $600. Plan well for such a cost, and you will not be surprised.

How to Get the Battery Replaced For As Cheap As Possible

Despite the variations in battery cost, you should pay attention to the replacement or repair warning. If you cannot afford a new one, consider buying a remanufactured battery. These are cheaper or more affordable and will still serve their intended purpose. Also, consider replacement options.

You can either go to the repair service centre to have this fixed or try a third-party shop. If you can save on labor costs, you can easily save on replacement costs. Find a professional who can help replace the battery in your Tesla without overcharging you.

The other cheaper alternative would be to do the replacement yourself. While this is still an option, only some professionals will advise you to follow the path.

Tesla may be one of the best electric cars around, but it has shortcomings. You should always pay attention to the battery replacement report if you want to continue enjoying a smooth drive with the vehicle.

Try to establish why the error keeps occurring and act within the few weeks you have, lest you get stuck when the car goes off. Most of the concerns are easy to deal with, too as all it takes is replacing the battery with a new one or a remanufactured one for a bargain.

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