Tesla Model S Alignment Cost

Tesla Model S Alignment Cost

For any vehicle, the wheel alignment is a key component that ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle’s wheels. The wheel alignment also preserves and increases the car’s range.

Vehicles need wheel alignment after a certain duration of use, or when you get new tires. And it is vital to get the alignment done properly. For Tesla electric cars, this requires a lot more expertise and different technology than is generally available in car dealerships.

In this article, I present to you the total cost of getting the alignment done on your Tesla Model S, at rates generally charged by suitably-qualified dealerships.

How Much Is A Tesla Model S Alignment?

The actual cost of wheel alignment for Tesla Model S cars differs across local dealerships. The costs also generally differ based on:

  • The Tesla S model year
  • The duration of warranty
  • The service time covered
  • The type of alignment you want to perform: front end (2 wheel) vs four wheel alignment

Please note that these average costs are based on replacements done by third party repair shops. Unlike with roof glass replacement services, alignment services done by third-party repair shops are cheaper than when they are done by a Tesla.

On average, it will cost about $130 to get the alignment of a Tesla Model S done. Below is a breakdown of the important details you need to know about the cost of wheel alignment for Tesla Model S, using the 2016 model as a reference:

Tesla Model S Alignment Cost

Dealership Service time covered Warranty terms (duration or number of miles covered) Cost
Repair Smith Single service 12 months or 24,000 miles $119 to $145
Goodyear Single service 6 months or 6000 miles $100
Sears Since last service 6 months or 6000 miles $85
Sears One year Unlimited $115
Sears Three years Unlimited $165
Firestone One time service 12 months or 12,000 miles $80
Firestone Lifetime Unlimited $170
Pep Boys One time service 3 months or 4000 miles $85
Pep Boys One year 12 months or 12,000 miles $110
Mr Tire One time service $50
NTB One time service $90
NTB One year 6 months $125
NTB Three year $180

Repair Smith does alignment for the 2017 Tesla Model S at $125 – $153.

In the table above, the warranty terms is based on which of duration or numbers of miles is attained first.

The prices provided above are a guide. As I explained, there are several factors that determine the cost of Tesla Model S wheel alignment. Pay attention to the terms of service to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

How Often Does Tesla Model S Need Wheel Alignment?

There are lots of conflicting information as to how often the Tesla Model S should get a wheel alignment done. The truth is, even though Tesla suspension components are basically the same as conventional vehicles, the alignment requirements are slightly different. One reason for this is that the torque on the Tesla is general heavier than that on gas-powered vehicles.

To enjoy your Tesla Model S for as long as possible, I recommend that you get the alignment done every 7000 miles, on good roads. However, for a brand new Tesla Model S, you do not need to do an alignment for at least 10,000 miles on the road, under average driving conditions.

If you frequently ply rough roads, then it’s best to get the alignment done say, every 5000 miles covered.

You should resist the urge to do alignments on the Tesla S every now and then. Even dealerships get it wrong sometimes when they recommend an alignment. A lot of the time, the reason for the feeling of misalignment is due to difference in tire pressures. So, it’s always a good idea to have that checked as well.

Below is a general guideline provided by Tesla, the car manufacturer itself:

  1. Have the wheel alignment of your Tesla Model S done every 10,000km or 6200miles, or if the tread depth difference between tires is at least 1.5mm.
  2. If you drive your Tesla aggressively or constantly on bad roads, you will need more frequent wheel alignments.

How to Know If Tesla Model S Needs Wheel Alignment

When your Tesla Model S is due for wheel alignment, it is usually indicated by one of the following symptoms:

  • The car begins to pull to one side or direction during drive
  • Tires squealing randomly such as when you are turning, as opposed to when you apply brakes
  • An unsmooth driving/steering experience
  • One or more tires wearing unevenly
  • One or more tires wearing out rapidly
  • The car feels unstable even after having the tires inflated to recommended levels

Are Teslas Hard to Align?

No, they are not. You are likely to get different responses to this question, from different users.

Some dealers will tell you that they are unable to align your Tesla Model S because they do not have the specific scanner needed to assess and align the Tesla. Some will say that the Lane Depature information is not available to them, and must be obtained from Tesla.

Other dealers will tell you that your Tesla needs an alignment, sometimes when it really doesn’t. I have seen some dealers say that getting an alignment is the first thing you should do when you buy a brand new Tesla Model S. This, I do not recommend.

The bottom line is that, while Teslas are not hard to align, the expertise and template for getting an honest alignment for Tesla wheels is not available to every dealership. Each vehicle manufacturer have their alignment system specs, and many dealers simply don’t have Tesla’s.

However, once you find a dealer who has the scanner and template needed to align Teslas, it’s just like aligning any other car, electric or gas powered.

How to Get the Alignment For As Cheap As Possible

When talking about getting a cheap alignment for Tesla Model S, the emphasis should be on overall value for money and not just upfront, immediate cost.

I showed you earlier that many dealers offer alignments based on service time and warranty. So, for example, if you intend to own the Tesla for a short period, then it’s best to go for a one-year or one-time alignment service.

But this is not ideal if you are going to own the car for at leat 3 years, because the costs will add up exponentially. Instead, for longer-duration ownerships, it is best to go for 3-year or lifetime alignment, or at least 24,000 miles warranty.

Also, if you drive your Tesla a lot more frequently than average, long-term alignment deals make the best sense.

But then, these only hold true if you remain within the neighbourhood of the dealer. If, at some point, you always have to drive long distances to get to the dealer, then you are best served getting a new dealer around your new location.

Another important factor is expertise. You do not want to get your alignment done by a dealer who will not get it right. You may end up spending double the normal amount to fix it. For example, Tesla service centres charge about $150 for wheel alignment while many third-party service centres charge a lot less. However, many users find the extra charge from Tesla to be worth it because of the guarantee of excellence, first time.

Having said that, you can get the cheapest Tesla alignments by looking out for deals from repair shops. You can check out repair shops online, or look out for local flyers and newspapers for great alignment deals.

Also, many dealers throw in a wheel alignment service for free if you have been a longstanding customer of theirs. So, you could always talk to your dealer to see what’s possible.

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