Tesla Model (y,s,x,3) Roof Glass Replacement Cost

Tesla Roof Glass Replacement Cost

The roof glass is one unique characteristic of all Tesla electric vehicles, and Tesla just keeps raising the bar with this feature. From the Tesla Model X panoramic roof glass to the newly-introduced high-visibility roof glass of the Model S, Tesla owners are finding more and more reasons to fall in love with this feature.

However, there is likely to come a time when you need to replace your Tesla roof glass, especially due to a crack or dent from an accident.

It is important for you to have the right information and perspective on the cost of replacing the roof glass on your Tesla electric car. And so in this article, I have provided a full breakdown of the cost of replacing your Tesla roof glass.

How Much is a Tesla Roof Glass Replacement?

The cost of replacing a Tesla roof glass depends largely on the Tesla Model. Importantly, replacement costs will also vary with location and the repair shop you choose.

The total cost of replacing the roof glass will consist of the cost of the parts and the cost of labour.

So, for example, the average cost of replacing the roof glass of a Tesla Model 3 is $850 for the parts and $270 for labour.

For a Tesla Model Y, the average total cost is $1650, that’s including both parts and labour.

For Tesla Model X vehicles, the average total cost of roof glass replacement is $1400.

Please note that these average costs are based on replacements done by Tesla itself. Unlike with wheel alignments, replacement roof services done by Tesla are cheaper than when they are done by a third-party repair shop.

If you take your Tesla vehicle to a third-party repair shop, expect to spend between $1900 to $2300 for total roof glass replacement cost on Model S and Model Y, for example.

The take away from this is that the total cost of replacing your Tesla roof glass depends largely on the car model, and on who is doing the replacement for you. Generally speaking, it is cheaper to get your Tesla roof glass replacement done by Tesla service stations than by third-party repair shops.

Tesla Roof Glass Replacement Table

Now that you have a good idea of how the cost of Tesla roof glass replacement works, here is a chart of the cost of replacement roof glass for different Tesla Models:

Cost of Tesla Roof Glass Replacement at Tesla Service Centers

Tesla Model Cost of Parts ($) Cost of Labour ($)
Model 3 850 270
Model Y 1,200 450
Model X 1,100 300
Model S (not including the new panoramic roof glass introduced this year) 1,600 400

The Cybertruck and Roadster Models are not yet available for public use. I will provide cost updates as soon as they are.

How Often Does Tesla Need Roof Glass Replacement?

Tesla roof glasss are incredibly strong and durable. They have been known to withstand the impacts of massive objects including rocks and trees. In fact, the Tesla Model S roof glass broke the NHTSA’s crush-test machine after being subjected to a force of about 20,000 pounds. The announced Cybertruck will withstand 4x the weight of the truck itself. That’s how strong they are.

However, even though the roof glass may not shatter from the impact, it will have cracks and dents which may prompt you to opt for replacement.

The point is that unless you have a serious accident with your Tesla electric vehicle, you are unlikely to need to change or replace its roof glass during the lifetime of the car, with normal use.

How to Know If My Tesla Needs A Roof Glass Replacement

As I explained earlier, unless you have a serious accident with your Tesla, you are unlikely to need to replace its roof glass. However, if there has been a crack on the roof glass, it could weaken the glass in the long run.

As a general rule, a crack on the roof glass that penetrates only the top layer of the glass can be fixed at a glass repair shop. If the crack is more serious and breaks through all layers of the roof glass, then the best option is to have it replaced completely.

How to Get Your Tesla Roof Glass Replaced For As Cheap As Possible

From our findings, the cheapest way to get your Tesla roof glass replaced is to take it to Tesla to do the work.

Because they are the manufacturers of the roof glass, they do not have to mark up the costs when delivering the replacement service to you. On the other hand, third-party repair shops often have to mark up the cost of the replacement roof glass and labour when delivering a replacement service to you.

Another way to get a Tesla roof glass replacement for cheap or even for nothing, is to take advantage of your insurance if it covers this service. You would need to have a look at the fine print of your insurance package to see if glass is fully or partially covered.

But, if your insurance package only covers collision protection, then you would likely need to pay the full cost of the Tesla roof glass replacement.

Tesla itself also offers insurance on its vehicles via Tesla Insurance. This offering can allow you to save over 95% on repair costs, subject to terms and conditions.

What Kind of Glass Is On The Tesla Roof?

Tesla uses hard, tempered glass for its roof glasss. But the technology is next-level. Tesla employs something called a glass sandwich which consists of a middle acoustic layer sandwiched by a tempered glass outer and a tempered glass inner. The glass is also impregnated with a UV-reflective layer to block 99% of UV rays.

This setup combines ultra glass strength with comprehensive user protection from ultraviolet rays and noise from the road. With the new panoramic, high-visibility roof glass on the Model S, the glass will:

  • Weigh less than current roof glass and reduce center of gravity
  • Let in 5 times more light
  • Still provide the usual user protection from ultraviolet rays and noise

Is It Hard to Replace A Teslas Roof Glass?

No, it is not hard to replace a Tesla’s roof glass. All it takes is to have access to the roof glass manufactured by Tesla itself. Replacing it is just like replacing any other glass or windshield.

Unlike with electrical, mechanical, and electronic components in a Tesla car, the roof glass does not require any special technical knowledge. However, you must ensure that you only use a roof glass supplied by Tesla for a replacement.

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