Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It?

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It?

Your Tesla driving experience is incomplete without Connectivity. Tesla connectivity provides you access to all features that require data usage such as navigation, streaming, live traffic visualization, and so on.

Tesla offers Standard and Premium Connectivity.

Annoyingly, however, you may find that of all the connectivity features available on Tesla, only Navigation, Caraoke, and Internet Browser come with the Standard Connectivity. And that’s with some caveat which I will detail later.

The other important and nice-to-have features are only available on Premium Connectivity. So, you, like many other Tesla owners, may be wondering if the Premium Connectivity is worth forking out extra dollars monthly.

In this article, I will explore every important detail there is to know about Premium Connectivity, and arm you with all the information you need to decide whether it’s worth subscribing to or not.

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It?

The answer to this question is highly subjective. I have found that what most users require is enough relevant information to decide for themselves whether the premium connectivity is worth it or not.

A good place to start is to know all the features that are available on premium connectivity, and I have listed them below with their capabilities:

Live Traffic Visualization – provides you with real-time traffic updates on your defined routes to enable you avoid congestions as they occur.

Sentry ModeView Live Camera – Allows you to monitor events around your Tesla vehicle realtime, using your phone. You do not have to wait to receive Sentry Mode event notifications because you can see the events happening realtime.

SatelliteView Maps – As the name suggests, it allows you to have a Satellite, bird’s eye view of your route and surroundings instead of the standard driver’s view

Video Streaming – Allows you to play various video streaming services (such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) while parked.

Caraoke – Provides you with outstanding karaoke exprerience

Music Streaming – Play all the audio streaming services available to your region

Internet Browser – Allows you to browse websites and web pages right on your touchscreen

It is true that Caraoke and Internet Browser are also available on Standard Connectivity, but that’s only when you are connected to WIFI. You cannot use these features if you are connected to cellular data network.

For premuim connectivity, you can enjoy all these features whether you are connected to cellular data or WIFI data. More on this later.

How Much Does Tesla Premium Connectivity Cost?

Premium Connectivity is currently available as a monthly subscription of $9.99 plus applicable tax, or as an annual subscription of $99 plus applicable tax, as at the time of writing this article.

You can purchase the service at any time right from your Tesla vehicle’s touchscreen or using the Tesla mobile app.

The good news is that, if you order a new Model S, Model X, Model Y or Model 3, then you will receive a Premium Connectivity trial at delivery…as long as premium connectivity is available in your region.

For the regions where Premium Connectivity is available, see below:

  • United States and Canada
  • Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal
  • China Mainland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand

After the trial period, you will have to pay the subscription fee to continue enjoying premium connectivity.

Find below a chart for the premium connectivity trial period duration on Tesla vehicles, subject to model and purchase method.

Order Type Premium Connectivity Trial Eligibility
New orders of Model S and Model X on or after July 1, 2018 One year starting from delivery date
Inventory orders of Model S and Model X on or after July 1, 2018 One year starting from delivery date
New orders of Model 3 and Model Y ordered on or after October 15, 2021 30 days starting from delivery date
Inventory orders of Model 3 and Model Y ordered on or after October 15, 2021 30 days starting from delivery date
Used vehicles orders on or after January 9, 2020 30 days starting from delivery date
Tesla vehicles purchased privately and transferred ownership on or after January 21, 2020 without an active Premium Connectivity trial 30 days starting from ownership transfer date
Tesla vehicles purchased privately and transferred ownership on or after January 21, 2020 with an active Premium Connectivity trial For the duration of the initial trial period

You can decide to cancel a paid premium connectivity subscription at any time using the Tesla mobile app. If you cancel the subscription before the current billing period ends, you will continue to enjoy premium connectivity features until the end of the billing period. However, you will not be refunded either in partial or in full.

To cancel your subscription in the Tesla app:

  1. Open the Tesla app.
  2. Tap Upgrades , then tap on Manage Upgrades
  3. Find Premium Connectivity and tap Manage
  4. Next to Premium Connectivity, tap Cancel.

Tesla Premium Connectivity Discount?

Not exactly. I mean, yes, you get a discount when you do a yearly subscription as opposed to a monthly one. Monthly subscription costs $9.99, which should put a year’s subscription at $119.88 if you subscribe monthly.

But if you pay a year’s subscription, you only get to pay $99. That’s as far as discounts go for Tesla Premium Connectivity.

Pros of Tesla Premium Connectivity

1. Enhanced Navigation

With standard connectivity, you simply enter your destination and the map shows you the best route to take based on traffic condition at the time.

But, traffic conditions can change very quickly and that initial route may become a nightmare to ply. With premium connectivity, you are never in the dark as to what’s going on along your planned routes because you get Live Traffic Visualization at all times for the duration of your trip. You also get to view vehicles around you.

Also, I quite like the Satellite-view Map that premium connectivity offers. It allows you to just take in a wider view of your route, especially when you are in an unfamiliar location.

2. Enhanced Entertainment Options

Caraoke, Video Streaming, and Music Streaming are features you enjoy with premium connectivity, with no ceveats. Well, as long as you have the required subscription to stream the services. For example, having Tesla Premium Connectivity does not grant you access to Netflix automatically as you must have a paid Netflix subscription to stream on the platform.

3. Increased Security

Sentry Mode View Live Camera allows you to monitor what’s going on around your Tesla realtime. This is unlike standard Sentry Mode that only sends notification AFTER an event has occurred.

Also, with View Live Camera, you do not need a USB or to be inside the car and use the touchscreen in order to view sentry security events.

All you need is:

  • Premium Connectivity on your Tesla
  • Version 4.2.1 or later of the Tesla mobile app installed on your phone
  • The phone paired as a key to your Tesla vehicle
  • Sentry Mode enabled on the vehicle

If you want to know more about all the ways to view Sentry Mode events on any Tesla model, then check out this article.

4. Flexible Options

Internet Browser and Caraoke are available on Standard Connectivity. However, you can only enjoy them if your Tesla is connected to WIFI.

But if you have premium connectivity, you can enjoy both standard and premium features on either WIFI or cellular data connection. I quite like this flexibility because I do not always have access to reliable and secure WIFI.

Cons of Tesla Premium Connectivity

1. Subscription Cost

For some people, $9.99 a month is a fair enough price to pay for premium connectivity features. For others, it’s frivolous. This is a case of, to each their own.

I like the fact that new Tesla vehicles come with a trial premium connectivity and it gives you the opportunity to decide whether the features are worth $9.99 a month or not.

2. Limited Availability In Regions

As I explained earlier, Premium Connectivity is not available in every region where you can buy a Tesla. If you are not in any of the countries listed earlier in this article, then you cannot use Premium Connectivity.

And, even if the feature is available in your region and then you travel with your Tesla vehicle to an ineligible region, you will not have access to premium connectivity until you return to an eligible region.

3. Requires Regular Updates

It makes sense that more features means more updates required. Also, because of the integrations with third-party services like Netflix and Spotify, Tesla have to constantly release updates to maintain compatibility with the third-party service providers.

4. Connectivity Issues

Premium connectivity is known to have usage issues.

Does Tesla Navigation Work Without Premium Connectivity?

Yes, absolutely, Tesla Navigation works without premium connectivity. Navigation comes with Standard connectivity. In fact, here is what Tesla have to say on the subject:

“All vehicles with Standard Connectivity will continue to receive the same core maps & navigation functionality as vehicles with Premium Connectivity, including traffic-based routing, Trip Planner and Supercharger stall availability. Standard Connectivity is included in your vehicle, at no additional cost, for eight years beginning on the first day your vehicle was delivered as new by Tesla or the first day it is put into service (for example, used as a demonstrator or service vehicle), whichever comes first.”

Tesla Premium Connectivity Data Limit

I am not sure where this debate about premium connectivity data limit came from, but users have been suggesting that there is data cap for both standard and premium connectivity. Some users have even suggested that the figure is 50GB.

Well, here is what Tela have to say on the matter:

“Your connectivity network is provided by your local telecommunications company and Tesla is not responsible for the connectivity quality or coverage.”

I hope that puts the debate to bed.

Tesla Premium Connectivity vs Standard

Still not sure? Here is a side-by-side comparison between standard and premium connectivity on Tesla.

Feature Standard Premium


Available Available
Live Traffic Visualization


Not Available Available
Sentry Mode – View Live Camera


Not Available Available
Satellite-View Maps


Not Available Available
Video Streaming


Not Available Available


Available only on WIFI Available
Music Streaming


Not Available Available
Internet Browser Available only on WIFI Available

Now, back to you. Is Tesla Premium Connectivity worth it? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced writer and marketer with who currently writes for Teslord as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf and Techzillo. At Teslords, he focuses on general Tesla advice with his interest being accessories and gadgets. Read our Editorial Guidelines and Fact Checking process.


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